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Selling Your Property


Preparing To Sell Your House:
Our advise to you when preparing to list your home for sale is simply this:   You never get a second chance to make a first impression!  Take time for a critical look at your home.  Walk through it as if you were a stranger walking through it for the first time.  Attention to details can be the difference between a sale and a disappointment.  It is easy to miss things because "you live there," so please feel free to ask your agent to advise you.
Some areas to consider are listed below.  In general, soap and water or a fresh coat of paint to brighten up a room is time and money well spent.  Consider these areas when looking at your home:
Keep lawn mowed Gutters clean and painted Condition of appliances
Outside paint and trim Roof free of debris Fence and patio condition
Inside window condition Screen and storm windows
All lights working Garage doors and lights
Wall and ceiling cracks
Basement appearance
  1. When your agent comes to prepare the paperwork for the house, they will measure the outside dimensions and the individual room sizes.  If you have this information, please offer it.
  1. Buyers want to know the improvements you have made over the years.  If you can supply dates of these improvements and perhaps the name of the contractor, this helps.
  1. All buyers are concerned with utility costs and taxes.  You will be asked to sign a form allowing us to get the utility information from your suppliers.  Any additional information in these areas is always welcome.
  1. Think of what you would need to know before you made a decision on buying a home, this is what your buyer needs to know and by having it ready to present to them right away, this improves your home impression to them.

Before An Agent Shows Your Home
The first question we are usually asked:  Should I stay home or should I leave when you show the property?  Many agencies require owners to leave during a showing.  We do not feel that is always necessary.  Be comfortable in your decision.  Some buyers wish to look without you, but an equal number have no preference.  We ask that you allow your agent to show the property and you restrict your participation to just being there for questions, or provide additional help for the agent.
Some areas to consider are listed below.  In general, soap and water or a fresh coat of paint to brighten up a room is time and money well spent.  Consider these areas when looking at your home:
We expect you to continue to live in your home.  Buyers also do not expect you to stop your life while the house is for sale.  There are a few suggestions to consider:
  • General pick up and order are the keys to a home's initial appearance to a buyer.
  • Look at closets.  A buyer wants to see how much space is available
  • Pets.   They live with you.  Our desire is to keep them safe during a showing.   Please give your agent instructions on how to deal with animals.
  • A house looks bigger and brighter with lights on even during the day.  Your agent will turn on most lights during a showing.  If you leave, please help by turning on some of the lights for us.
  • Basements are important.  They do not have to be spotless, but a buyer wants to walk around and inspect appliances and see the space.  Try and keep walking areas clear.
  • Kitchen and bath fixtures will be another key area of inspection for a buyer.  Keep this in mind.

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